Düsseldorf: To help against Corona, the Düsseldorf-based digital signage specialist, Adversign Media GmbH, has developed a digital visitor management system, viewneo flowCounter.

New rules to help with social distancing are presenting challenges to everyone. As businesses slowly reopen, they are confronted with strict restrictions and important new regulations. For example, the maximum number of visitors in a store is an important measurement that stores need to follow.

To help simplify this process, Adversign Media has developed a technical solution that automates the process. Instead of relying on additional staff, tablets on a stand can be located at the entrance and exit to inform customers if they can enter without requiring additional contact.

Once the pre-defined number of people in an enclosed space has been reached, the system updates the content to indicate that no more visitors are permitted at this time. As soon as a customer leaves the space, the content changes again to invite the next guest to enter.