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Measure and Evaluate

viewneo offers a variety of ways to collect data. Whenever there is an interaction between a person and a screen, this can be recorded as a data point. Additionally, when combined with sensors and an AI camera systemAI camera system offered by viewneo, there is a large amount of data that can be collected. One of the best ways to make sense of this data is to visualize it. This allows you to evaluate and analyze the data to optimize your marketing at the point of sale.

viewneo assists you in visualizing this critical business data, so you can improve your organization. Each dashboard is fully customizable, so the most important information is always easy to understand. We offer full support to help you create the perfect dashboard.

Dashboard with information from the viewneo digital signage system.

A/B Testing at the PoS

viewneo technologies for data acquisition

Testing is critical to determine how to position your products at the point of sale. An online store has the ability to measure each mouse click and carry out A/B tests to determine how the size, position, and colors of buttons affect buying behavior. With our wide range of hardware modules, viewneo allows this data-driven process to be used in brick and mortar retail businesses.

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Coat Hooks That Collect Data

And know what’s in demand

Of course, every business owner knows which products are purchased and how often. But often they don’t know when a customer picks up a product but doesn’t buy it. Knowing this kind of information can help improve the understanding of the product, placement, and price. If a product is being viewed but not bought, it is worth examining the reasons why.

viewneo Smart Store solutions offer you the ability to collect this type of data. With the Analytics Dashboard, you can see trends that would otherwise be hidden. Smart store solutions from viewneo and the analytics dashboard are powerful tools for optimizing the PoS sales process.

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