From the information stand to a visitor management system

Digital Signage Solutions for Public Institutions

Fast and flexible communication is more important today than ever before. viewneo supports the public sector in helping to digitize by providing automatic solutions that save time and money.

Digital Signage for Public Facilities

Easy installation. Easy handling. 1000 possibilities.

The use of digital signage by public authorities is becoming increasingly important. Current events need to be communicated quickly and easily. viewneo helps make the steps towards digitalization easier. From a classic display in the waiting area to digital information columns in the entrance areas: with viewneo there are a variety of ways to get important information where it is needed.

At viewneo provides support in selecting the right components to ensure that you get exactly what you need at a budget-friendly price. Since viewneo is a modular system with a variety of plugins, you only pay for the components that you use and really need.

So you find the optimal solution from the beginning that is easily expandable as your needs change in the future. We offer a free non-binding online consultation to let you see all of the options and make an informed decision.

Waiting area with Infoscreen on the wall

From digital displays to wireless appointment systems

The viewneo ecosystem makes it possible

The entire viewneo ecosystem consists of digital signage hardware and software with a variety of extensions. viewneo offers a simple and uncomplicated way to start using digital signage without having to use third-party software. This is a unique feature in the digital signage market and helps to secure your investment. Because the viewneo system is able to continuously expand and adapt to your business needs.

From simple info screens to interactive digital systems connected with external web-based data, viewneo has the tools to help you digitize your office. But regardless of how extensive your business needs, we also focus on ensuring that all of our products are easy to use.

Digitale Infostele im Bürgeramt

Digital Room Signage

Integration instead of an isolated solution

With viewneo, room signage from brands, like Philips can be used. The difference from classical digital signage lies in the integration of the system. No other isolated solution can do what viewneo can. Connecting your room signage from viewneo with the information being displayed on other screens throughout the office is as easy as connecting it to an existing calendar system.

Dynamic QR codes allow authorized people to book a room directly with their smartphone. If a room is currently occupied or free, this can optionally be indicated by a colored backlight. The display can be freely adapted to your own existing design. The type of information displayed can also be configured - everything is possible from the time to the weather.

Simple Customer Waiting System

Radio controlled and flexible

Customer waiting systems are an integral part of the offices of any public authority. With viewneo, highly flexible and comfortable customer waiting systems are simple to implement. Here, too, the strength of the viewneo ecosystem can be seen: Because the waiting system is an integral part of the entire digital signage system and not just another isolated solution from a third-party manufacturer, screens for the waiting system can also be used for information from other departments. This creates a highly flexible system for digital communication on the premises of the public institution.

Visitors can be assigned to the next free office via radio buttons or by computer via the displays in the waiting areas. Smart buttons are completely cordless and can simply be placed loosely on the desks and the office number only appears on the display when pressed.

Digital customer call system shows the current seat occupancy on the exchange

Dynamic Notices

Automated with a calendar integration

By connecting calendars, notices for room assignments, or events can be fully automated. This helps to minimize errors, saves a lot of work, and increases the speed of your operations. The latter is a must, especially in modern facilities, in order to cope with ever faster developments and shorter reaction times.

Cloud-Based or On-Premise Solutions

Without or with your own servers

The standard viewneo CMS is a cloud-based software solution in compliance with data protection regulations with a server located in Germany. viewneo also offers the option to use your own servers as an on-premise solution. It offers the full functionality of the cloud with the advantage of an on-premise solution.

Advantage: Cloud Solution

The viewneo cloud solution is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to get started. Everything from one to thousands of screens can be operated using the cloud solution. The benefits are maximum flexibility without having to set up your own IT infrastructure and incurring high investment costs. Additional screens and locations can be added or removed from the CMS at any time. The SAAS software measures the number of digital signage players that are in use. Additionally, the highest security standards ensure that the system is safe and all relevant data protection compliance is met. There are already a wide range of public authorities, large companies and banks which are using the viewneo cloud solution. We are happy to provide references upon request.

Advantage: On-premise

If your current IT guidelines don’t allow for the use of an external cloud solution, viewneo also offers an on-premise. In this configuration viewneo is operated as a private cloud on its own servers, meaning that no data ever leaves the network. We have a variety of ready-made solutions available, as well as support from our experts. The setup process can be either completed by your own IT team or by our own specialists.

Annular overview of the viewneo software and hardware expansions