Düsseldorf / Wendlingen: The optical company pro optik, founded in Wendlingen am Necker in 1987, is one of Germany’s three largest optician groups, along with Fielmann and Apollo. With more than 145 stores and over 1000 employees, pro optik operates a nationwide branch network headquartered out of Baden-Württemberg.

Now they are looking to equip their 145 stores with modern digital signage to improve and modernize their customer communication. The system will be rolled out with the goal of all stores connected to a centrally managed screen network. A mixture of news, local content, and current offers will be displayed on the monitors in real-time. This will allow customers to receive timely information about current promotions during their visit to a store location.

The company is relying on viewneo to provide a comprehensive digital signage solution. The cloud-based content management system from Düsseldorf features a simple set up process and content which can be easily customized. Additionally, viewneo offers the ability to create interactive shopping experiences by incorporating sensor technology. A solid investment with a future-oriented partner for the retail industry.