Simple Technology for modern Smart Retail Solutions

Digital communication using sensors and AI to excite customers at the PoS

Better shopping experiences. More data. Help for the staff. Smart store technologies from viewneo help support brick and mortar retailers around the world with digitalization.

viewneo - Advanced Technology for flexible Smart Retail

Where perfectly matched hardware and software come together

Simple installation, quick and cost-saving rollouts, and modules that are easy to use: are all needed in order to successfully create a digital experience. The unique system developed by viewneo lets you source all of your needs in one place. No need to purchase third-party systems and deal with the costly and complication connection process.

From RFID readers to smart buttons, motion sensors or AI cameras to sensory clothing hooks, viewneo offers a constantly expanding hardware/software system that works seamlessly together.

Overview of elements of the viewneo ecosystem and compatible third-party manufacturers

Experience Interactive Shopping Technology

Digital Shopping Advisor. Maximum customer satisfaction.

Technology to implement your Smart Retail Ideas

The modern Digital Retail brand experience at the PoS

viewneo Smart Store technologies help transition from a classic retail experience to a future-oriented, no-line system based on digital experiences. With viewneo, our customers around the world are shaping the future of retail. By creating experiences that can’t be replicated online. The result is a platform to design exciting new in-store experiences.

It’s not just about optimizing the customer experience. It’s also about using viewneo Smart Store technologies to optimize business processes. When buyers are able to get product information, it helps to free up staff to perform other tasks, not to mention saving both time and money. And creative shopping experiences are designed to increase customer loyalty.

The expansive viewneo technology platform allows you to automate targeted customer contact directly at the PoS, to minimize waste and improve the customer experience. All of the data from sensors is recorded and available for analysis to continuously improve the Data-Driven brand experience.

Interactive headphone shelf with product information on one screen

Smart Retail Technology from viewneo

Dynamically Control Devices and Lights

Strategically control your shopping ambience. Give your customers an unforgettable interactive advertising experience

By allowing media content to interact with the real environment, you can create exciting product presentations. viewneo Smart Store technologies make it possible for a screen advertisement to highlight certain products in a showroom. With viewneo, any power-operated device can be put to use to design your ideal showroom. No need to buy special devices. The possibilities are endless: from Philipps Hue lamps to electrically operated turntables. Plus the devices can be combined together for a memorable effect.

Illuminated smartphone on a shelf

Create Interactive Smart Retail. Lift & Learn.

Simple RFID Technology from viewneo for individual advertisement and customer information

With RFID sensors from viewneo, interactive product presentations of all kinds can be created by attaching an RFID sticker to products. The RFID readers can be easily installed in or under a wooden plate. When a customer places a product on this spot, the viewneo system records which product it is. In contrast to the sensory coat hooks, products are placed on or at certain points (or removed from them) so that - key words Lift & Learn - additional information is easily available for the customer to see.

The installation process is simple with no additional skills needed. Simply place them together in a row, set them up using your smartphone, done.

Lift & Learn with RFID in practice

Possibilities of Smart Retail: Types of coffee explained interactively

Sensory Coat Hooks

Interactive buying advice. More experience. Less effort.

These sensory coat hooks recognize when a customer is picking up a product. The viewneo players react to this action and show additional information on the screens. The result is less work for the sales staff and more information that is relevant to the customer during their buying process.

At the end of the day, you also know how often visitors were interested in your product and you view these metrics with viewneo Analytics. It also provides you with the ability to optimize your product presentations.

The coat hooks are easy to install and are connected to the viewneo Cloud by radio. This saves time and installation costs.

Gender-Specific Communication

The perfect advertisement for each individual customer

Smart communication with real added value can be achieved through a targeted approach. The combination of camera, AI, and digital signage creates a medium that can make shopping noticeably easier for customers.

If the camera perceives a face in front of the screen, it is analyzed and evaluated using metadata. The result can be used to display content that corresponds to the customer. So customers can be directed to the appropriate department or shown a current offer that is sure to pique their interest.

Gender, age and mood recognition using a female face

viewneo Analytics. Closer to the customer.

Collect and evaluate important customer data using sensors. Gather valuable insights using simple modern technology.

Lift and Learn systems from viewneo do more than just create digital brand experiences. When a product is picked up, this interaction is recorded by sensors. The sensors then connect with the viewneo system and update the content which is shown on the screen. Everything from product information, complimentary products, and inventory information can be displayed to help improve cross-selling.

All customer actions are recorded in compliance with data protection regulations and can be analyzed by the retailer. This helps the retailer get customer behavior information that can be used to adjust marketing campaigns and product placement.

viewneo Smart Store technology gives you the tools that were previously only available to online retailers. By collecting and analyzing the data obtained, retailers can conduct AB tests and optimize their operations. PoS marketing campaigns are now more transparent and measurable.