Digital Signage for Restaurants

You Make the Best Coffee. viewneo Let's Your Customers Know.

Present the Diversity of Your Kitchen

In a Few Mouse Clicks

It doesn’t matter if you want to advertise the breakfast buffet, the lunch menu or the happy hour; with viewneo you present the diversity of your kitchen in a few, simple mouse clicks.

Customize your offers depending on the weekday and the hours of the day. viewneo will broadcast them at specific times. This way, your digital menu boards are always up-to-date and easy to customize right from the internet. From now on, you no longer have to invest your money in printed posters.

Good Food and a Great Atmosphere

Impress Your Guests in Amazement

Digital menu boards can do more than to substitute a classic menu. Through selected additional information combined with varied entertainment, you create a modern atmosphere. Present the freshness of your entries with the help of videos, or show helpful nutritional information of your meals.

You have a fantastic restaurant. viewneo makes it an adventure.

Create Interactive Experiences

With Your Own Social Media Wall

Your dessert is the bomb and your pizza is a love story. Who can transport this message better than your guests themselves?

Let your guests take colorful photos, snaps and self-images and share them directly on the social media wall. This way you will have more orders in a finger snap and your newest creations will spread like wild fire.

Why You Should Try Digital Signage

Only a Few From Many Good Reasons Here

Generate More Attention

With exceptional motives, graphics and videos, your venue will be perceived better.

Save Time and Money

The intuitive and fast editing on the move allows you to work efficiently.

Increase Income and Image

A new customer experience will help you raise your potential for success.

Be the Hotspot of the City

A modern ambiance and informative contents create an exciting atmosphere.

Show Your Customers What You Have to Offer

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Our Customers about viewneo

See What Some of our Customers Have to Say:

For every change, we had to order new prints which also had to be mounted. That was a financial and time taking effort.

Alina Volkmer, Junior Operations ManagerCafetiero

It is really helpful for me that I can control the content of our 24 places from my office. Besides, viewneo is very cost effective which makes it interesting for our franchisees.

Amber Beall, ManagerPizza 9

We tried every competitor and came to the result that viewneo is the easiest digital signage software to use. We like that we can design externally and the all inclusive per stick price works for us.