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viewneo 4K SignageBox

viewneo 4KSignageBox digital signage media player inc. software
Incl. Professional License
Up to 4K Ultra HD
Stable 24/7 Operation
High Performance 8-Core-Processor
Super Easy Setup via Remote Control

viewneo Signage Stick 2

viewneo_Signage_Stick_2 digital signage media player with software
Incl. Professional License
HD / 1080p video and HQ audio reproduction
Easy Setup thanks to Plug n’ Play
High Performance 8-Core-Processor
Easy Setup thanks to Plug n’ Play

viewneo 4K SignageBox

Digital Signage Player viewneo 4K SignageBox

Razor-Sharp Digital Signage

Full HD or 4K Ultra HD: The SignageBox turns your screens into real eye-catchers. The Digital Signage player ensures high-resolution image output and brilliant video streaming for any HD or Ultra HD screen as well as for video walls.

Stable, Reliable, Powerful

The world on your screens is vibrant 24/7. And even while your competitors are asleep, your displays will keep on getting all the attention you want. Which is why the digital signage player is a great solution especially for window displays, the hotel industry, for gyms or digital signage in restaurants. Where continuous broadcasting is useful and needed.

Image viewneo 4K SignageBox Digital Signage Player With Remote Control
Digital Signage Media Player Remote Control

Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up your viewneo 4K SignageBox is super easy. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in digital signage: once your SignageBox is connected to your screen, the installation is done within seconds using the provided remote control.

Learn how to set up the viewneo 4K SignageBox in our 2-Minutes Installation Guide

viewneo Signage Stick 2

Full HD Media Signage Player

Barely bigger than a lighter, but the stick is a fully functional Digital Signage media-player for smooth Full HD reproduction of image and audio content. It suits every HDMI input so that the player can be used with any modern monitor, display or TV-screen.

Economical Signage Player Android 

The viewneo Signage Stick 2 only consumes very little power. The maximum usage of 2.5 Watt – which is hardly more than the usage of a bike lamp – and the free license for the operating system (Android) make this player more than affordable. Because of the small dimensions, the hardware stick can easily be hidden behind every screen.

Power Consumption

viewneo Signage Stick 2


Common Digital Signage players


Common PC


Small, Strong and Silent

In spite of the size, the stick contains a full mini-computer with a octa-core processor, which provides enough CPU-power to reproduce Full HD-content smoothly. Basically, the octa-core processor makes the Digital Signage player be in title to benefit from the great performance increase.


Common Android Stick

viewneo Digital Signage Player 2


Android Signage Player with Android from version 4.2 onwards are compatible with viewneo.


viewneo is pre-installed and starts with a setup wizard at the first use.


viewneo starts again automatically after a power blackout or similar occasions. Because of this function there is no need to start the viewneo app via mouse or keypad after the Stick has been restarted.

Automatic Updates

Updates will run automatically, as the stick is a cloud signage player, and a user access is not required. The digital signage software is always up to date.

Without Google Play Store Account

A user account for the Google Play Store is not necessary with this function. All digital signage software updates run automatically without a user account.

Advanced networking features

In case of network problems, Android sometimes deactivates the “WI-FI” option. A mouse and keypad need to be connected with the Stick to reactivate this option usually, but the advanced network features take care of this in the background.

Time schedules

This feature enables the Stick to set times to switch attached monitors on or off with a Standby mode. The Standby mode is not supported by all monitors.

Restart via internet

viewneo’s Content Managment System has a feature to restart the viewneo Signage Stick from a distance in case of occurring problems.

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