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Put Your Tweets on the Big Screen

With the Twitter Plugin, your screens will become interactive information boards on any topic that you choose.

See What's Happening

Twitter is the platform where over 330 million monthly active users go to be seen and heard. Our Twitter Plugin allows you to harness the power of these users to show the latest ESPN stream, news from the BBC or events related your personal hashtag.

Check out what you can do

with the Twitter Plugin


Create your own newsfeed by displaying your Twitter profile on your screens. The Twitter Plugin provides a quick and easy way to keep employees in the loop on the latest news and information.

Live Events

Create interactive experiences and let visitors share their tweets directly on your screens. The latest tweets will be automatically displayed. Everyone likes feeling like they are part of the action.


With the integration of Twitter streams of public profiles, you can inspire your audience with entertaining content: HBO, news or business, the options are only limited by your imagination.


Depending on the chosen payment period, the Plugin costs either $1.80 per month/per device or $18.00 per year/per device.

Hashtags: Present the newest tweets associated with the Hashtag of your choice. Additionally, you can select multiple Hashtags, as long as they are combined in one tweet.

Profile: Display the newest tweets from any public Twitter profile. Combination: Choose both a public profile and Hashtags. All tweets of this account with the selected Hashtag will be shown.

The Twitter Plugin can be used on both vertical and horizontal mounted screens.

The Twitter Stream scrolls automatically through the current tweets of a Hashtag or profile (or a combination of the two). You can adjust the playback time to meet your individual needs.

An internet connection is required to run the Plugin.